High temperature a-alumina powder

This product has the advantages of small grain size, loose combination between crystals, good grindability, large sintering activity, and can be easily crushed into micro powder with an average particle size of about 1μm. It is especially suitable for various wear-resistant porcelain parts, high temperature resistant porcelain parts and shaped and unshaped refractory materials.

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High temperature a-alumina powder

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The original grain size of the product is much finer (1um or so), better grinding performance, sintering activity is very easy to crush into the average particle size of 1um or so of the micro-powder. Particularly suitable for the production of electronic substrate casting method, can also be used in dry isostatic pressing method to produce a variety of alumina ceramic products. The products have high density, smooth surface, wear-resistant and high temperature resistant, good electric insulation performance.


  chemical and physical properties





1. All kinds of wear-resistant ceramic tile (textile ceramics and paper machinery ceramics) seals and so on.
2. Mirror polishing
3. Various products produced by isostatic pressing method.
4.Unshaped refractories and castables.



High temperature a-alumina powder

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