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Concentrate on sharing the future

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Concentrate on cohesion  Shared Future

-Speech by Liu Wei at Shandong Zhongxin's Summary and Commendation Conference on February 4, 2018

Dear Mr. Li and dear comrades:

    Good morning, everyone!

Today is the 26th of December, the day of beginning of spring in the lunar calendar. As the saying goes, the plan for a year lies in spring. We all gather together to see the company's development performance and plan for the company's future. First of all, I feel very honored to represent the company and Mr. Li to the company.15A comprehensive summary of the work of the year.

2017The year is the third year since the establishment of our enterprise, and it is also the year of laying the foundation for development. It is a year of connecting the past and the future. According to Mr. Li's development concept and guiding ideology, I will focus on "concentrating on the future and sharing the future"15The work of the year is summarized from four aspects: the first aspect: the continuous innovation and progress of production; the second aspect: the increasingly stable sales market; the third aspect: the winning team; the fourth aspect: the wise and wise leader.

1.Continuous innovation and progress of production

Production is the cornerstone of Zhongxin's development and the foundation of enterprise's survival. Therefore, Li Zong attaches great importance to Zhongxin's production. This year's production work can be said to be ups and downs, winning in danger, or we are exploring, improving, innovating and producing. The whole production process is constantly developing and improving in the innovation, and it is becoming more and more standardized, reasonable and scientific in the production process.2015The annual raw material section has been added.9Taitai Mill,12Dry mill, molding section added6Press, two new gas stations, and a second tunnel kiln, new inputs2000More than 10,000 yuan is equivalent to the reconstruction of a production line, which fully reflects the strength of the company. Through Mr. Li's personal grasp of production, with a rigorous, efficient, truth-seeking and pragmatic attitude, he mobilized the enthusiasm of employees, improved supporting equipment, overcome difficulties, ensured product quality, safe production and zero accidents, and doubled monthly output. From14The daily output of 30 tons in the year to 60 tons today. Our products have gone abroad, to the world, and to five continents. Our output ranks among the top three in the same industry, and our quality ranks among the best in five continents, which has been highly affirmed by the majority of sellers and end customers.2016In 2005, we will continue to improve the technological process, optimize the connection and cooperation between various sections, increase the content of science and technology, improve the level of modernization, realize energy saving and consumption reduction, create a good working environment, and continue to implement the "three ones" concept of environment first, safety first and quality first put forward by Mr. Li. Strive to achieve annual production5Production target of 10,000 tons.

2.Increasingly stable sales market

The impact of the financial crisis still exists, and the sluggish development of the non-ferrous metal industry has also made our ceramic market suffer a huge impact, and the market competition is fierce and cruel. However, we have high quality products and the ability to steadily increase production, which provides a strong guarantee for our sales. How to develop and grow the enterprise, after calm thinking and comprehensive analysis of the market situation, President Li led us on an ice-breaking trip to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Changsha in Hunan, Huanggang in Hubei, Pingxiang in Jiangxi and other places to inspect the market, and conducted sincere and fierce cooperation negotiations with international well-known brands,At the same time, we also seize a glimmer of information to get in touch with African and Nigerian end customers. With our high-end development concept and sincere attitude, we have won the high trust of African customers and sent special personnel to visit our company. Now we have reached a long-term cooperation intention with African customers, which is also the first end customer we contacted and the customer with large demand in the same industry. According to the invitation of African customers, Li always plans4We will go to Africa for market investigation in January to establish good and stable business relations. It can be said that with the support of General Manager Li and the joint efforts of the entire sales team, our products have already had a reliable and stable sales platform and sales network, and our Zhongxin has a bright future,2015Our production output in12700tons, our sales output reached11587Tons, near sales7Ten million yuan, sales rate91.2%, production and sales are basically flat, and the payment is timely, no bad debts occur, in such a depressed market economy environment, we are proud of such achievements.2016We will further stabilize old customers, expand new resources, increase product promotion and promotion, enhance brand effect, create better sales performance, and strive to achieve a good situation where product supply exceeds demand.

3.A winning team.

Stable production and good sales are not falling out of thin air or getting something for nothing, but because we have a fighting team that can pay, is willing to bear hardships, has faith and has strong ability. Some employees are still worried about their work and connected with their business after work. Some employees stick to their posts day and night for a little technical failure. All these touching scenes reflect that all our employees have regarded Zhongxin as their own home, have integrated into Li Zong's development concept, have clearly defined the idea of common growth and development with Zhongxin, and have formed a picture of people's hearts being united and Taishan moving. Especially some time ago, we elected through democracy.14An advanced model has just been commended and rewarded. I hope other comrades will14At the same time, I hope that the model representatives will continue to carry forward their excellent work style, stimulate their potential, set a good example, and drive the people around them to make continuous progress. Of course, there are also some unsatisfactory aspects and disharmonious factors in the work. However, through the personnel reform and the measures of survival of the fittest, two young personnel, Zhou Ning and Luan Song, were boldly reused as production director and Zhang Hao as sales manager. Just now they also made a statement. They were under heavy pressure and were ordered in the face of danger. They felt extremely honored because of the trust of Li Zong Company, stimulate vitality and motivation, bear hardships and stand hard work, silently contribute, seize the opportunity, grasp technology, promote production, and achieved certain results, won everyone's recognition, the company also issued to each of them just now5000A cash reward of $. Therefore, through the personnel reform, the personnel management system has been optimized. Through the ideological exchange meeting held by Mr. Li to our middle-level managers every Saturday, the cadre style has been emphasized, and the concept of serving grass-roots employees has been set as an example. Only by improving the enthusiasm, initiative and self-discipline of life of personnel can the output be doubled, the work efficiency has been significantly improved, and the factory style and appearance have been significantly improved without the increase of employees.2016We will further improve the management system to achieve a scientific and efficient production process and a standardized and reasonable mix of personnel. Through business communication, we can transfer positive energy, improve employees' working ability and quality image, attach importance to improving accommodation environment and food quality, continue to improve employee welfare, and make employees work more comfortable and happy.

4.A wise and wise leader

After saying a thousand words and ten thousand words, Zhongxin's brilliant achievements cannot be separated from our leaders. The wise and wise Mr. Li leads us to overcome difficulties and work hard. Only in this way can we have the development of the enterprise and we have a stable job and income. I communicate more with Mr. Li and know more. As a boss, he often goes deep into the front line, one process after another, one problem after another, thinking day and night, and working hard to innovate and grasp production. Because the first tunnel kiln had many hidden dangers and could not produce stably, Li always insisted on the second tunnel kiln at that time. As a result9Month17Soon after the successful test run of the second tunnel kiln, the first kiln was scrapped. It was because of his persistence and wisdom that he saved the enterprise and made us lucky to avoid a disaster. It is precisely because of his truth-seeking and pragmatic, tireless study of every production link, every production equipment, relying on rich grass-roots practical experience and intelligent decision-making, the technological innovation of each process has reduced energy consumption, improved efficiency and increased production capacity. Some employees say that the enterprise is his, he does not do who? But we all know that Mr. Li is the home of hundreds of millions of people, do not do his life as dashing and happy, he is not an iron man, eat so much suffering, under so much strength, for the sake of the benefit of society, so that all employees can pay wages, eat good food to support the family. Out of anticipation of the aluminum powder market, I just bought it this month.8000Tons of aluminum powder and raw materials for nearly half a year are really short of funds at present, but Li still insists on giving bonuses to model employees.1000Yuan, pay wages and Spring Festival benefits. We also all know that our chiping Xinfa Group has laid off a large number of employees this year, with nearly 2/3 layoffs. Some enterprises have defaulted on their employees' wages for nearly half a year. Therefore, for example, our enterprises can have guaranteed monthly wages and excellent accommodation conditions. All of you here should feel cherished and lucky. Li always said that if he is rich, he is not rich or successful. Only when he drives everyone to become rich together can he be successful. This is a good leader who always plans for us every day.

The above is my summary of four aspects.

Anyway,2017The year is an extraordinary year, a year of pay and harvest.2018I hope that all employees will continue to contribute their strength and wisdom to the development of Zhongxin, concentrate on their efforts and share a brilliant tomorrow.

Thank you all!

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