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Inheriting the May 4th Spirit and Striving to Be Pioneers

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On May 4, 2021, Shandong Zhongxin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand speech contest entitled "Inheriting the May Fourth Spirit and Striving to Be Pioneers.

On May 4, 2021, Shandong Zhongxin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand speech contest entitled "Inheriting the May Fourth Spirit and Striving to Be Pioneers.
May 4th Youth Day originated from China's anti-imperialist and patriotic May 4th Movement in 1919 ". It was a thorough campaign against imperialism and feudalism, and it was also the beginning of China's new-nationalist revolution.
Today, we are here to hold the second Shandong Zhongxin speech contest with the theme of "inheriting the spirit of the May 4th Movement and striving to be an entrepreneurial pioneer". This is a good opportunity to learn from the patriotic spirit of our predecessors and stimulate the high morale of young people. This speech contest has received strong support from Mr. Li, chairman of the company, and Mr. Liu, general manager. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks!
100 years ago, a generation of young people, who were also in their youth, held up the banner of national salvation with their blood and ushered in a new era of national rejuvenation.
In the past 100 years, the stars have changed and the world has changed. But the spirit of the May 4th Movement is always bright and still young. Today, young people inherit the spirit of the May Fourth Movement, love their jobs, work hard, pioneer and innovate, and contribute their own strength to the development of enterprises.
May 4th spirit is patriotic. In times of peace, an important manifestation of patriotism is dedication. More than 300 young employees in Zhongxin, Shandong Province, are the future and hope of the enterprise. We should turn boxing patriotism into a vigorous driving force, based on our own posts, and make efforts to seize the day and night to lick bricks and tiles and contribute to the development of the company.
Since the establishment of Shandong Zhongxin factory, the employees of the enterprise have witnessed the vigorous development of the enterprise, and the employees have recognized, trusted and relied on the enterprise. At the same time, in the past few years, let employees learn a lot of knowledge, so that employees can settle down, take root, and learn here, so that employees can admire their leaders from the bottom of their hearts, thereby strengthening the determination of employees and Zhongxin to move forward.
Nowadays, it coincides with the intense production stage of the company's resumption of work and production. The company provides a big stage for young people to display their talents. It is hoped that the majority of young employees will strengthen their ideal goals, take responsibility, and actively strive to be model pioneers in production. Do your job well, do not rush for quick success, do not aim high, dare to meet challenges, work hard to overcome difficulties, illuminate the way forward with practical work, and realize your own value with practical actions, struggle and struggle.
In short, we must learn to be the first to struggle. The Tang Dynasty poet Meng Jiao once said in his poem "Encouraging Learning": "Youth must be done early, how can you grow up young"; A migrant worker in Henan once wrote on the blackboard at the construction site: If you don't john young, no one can help you set sail. Only the success you have spelled out is the glory you have not waited for. Our Liu Zong once said: The most terrible thing in the world is that people are better than you and work harder than you. These words and phrases always inspire us to "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". As a young man, loyalty and gratitude are the primary qualities. Not paying, not talking about rewards, and doing your best are also indispensable qualities for an employee. The so-called good character makes great achievements, knows how to be grateful, is full of passion, integrates into the team, and makes it easier to achieve dreams.
Each section department should adjust its mentality, formulate detailed plans and objectives and combine it with daily work, grasp management, promote production, and give full play to the maximum energy efficiency of employees. Managers should actively guide young workers to establish professional ethics that are not afraid of difficulties and never return, with the goal of creating first-class work performance, give full play to the role of young workers as the main force, and effectively lay a solid foundation for enterprise production.
Today, the May 4th Movement has been recorded in the annals of the Chinese nation as a glorious page. However, the May 4th Movement is not only a historical event, it is a kind of spirit, which shows the passionate love of young people for our nation, and shows the responsibility and sense of mission of young people.
As young people in the new era, we love our motherland, life and work as well. Young people are dreamers, and young people are dreamers. Shandong Zhongxin young people, let us join hands to create the most beautiful and gorgeous scenery in the season of life. I will have no self and live up to my youth.



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