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Concentrate on Reinventing Brilliance

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Liu Wei


Concentrate on Reinventing Brilliance

-February 12, 2017 Shandong Zhongxin Summary and Commendation Conference Speech by Liu Wei

Dear Mr. Li and dear comrades, good New Year!

First of all, I would like to pay tribute to all of you in your old age. Last year, I gave you a report on "Concentrate and Share the Future". Today, we gather together again to hold a grand summary and commendation conference to summarize Shandong Zhongxin's 16-year work, commend the advanced and conspire for Zhongxin's future development. Entrusted by Chairman Li Zong, I will report to you on behalf of Shandong Zhongxin on 16 years of work performance and 17 years of work ideas:

The first aspect: 2016 work review

In 16 years, under the guidance of Mr. Li's concept of "three 1. and three health" and with the joint efforts of all employees, our company has achieved gratifying results, completed the set goals, won the recognition of the society, and won the high praise of peers. The main achievements are reflected in three aspects.

1. and stable production, excellent quality

16 years is the third year of the company's establishment, and it is a key year to grasp the quality, expand the production capacity and expand the market. The third kiln we newly built was successfully ignited on July 16, increasing the output, stabilizing the production capacity and improving the quality. The first kiln built in 14 years was dismantled, several sets of old press equipment were eliminated, continuous mills and dry grinding were added, and ball rolling pots and presses were added, the normal operation of 2 standard production lines ensures that the product supply is sufficient. The mature alpha alumina powder calcination technology has become an important raw material guarantee for product quality. The connection between the process equipment and processes of each section is becoming more and more perfect and reasonable, and the safety awareness of each section is continuously enhanced, achieving zero accidents in safe production. Increasing investment in environmental protection and improving the working environment, each workshop is equipped with dust-proof measures, and employees are equipped with safety helmets and safety masks. The 16-year production reached the target set last year.

2. competitive market, good sales

The quality of products is a hard condition to open the market, and the demand of the market and the stable source of customers are the source of the survival of the enterprise. In the past 16 years, our production has been stable and the quality is excellent, which has won the praise of our customers. The sales market in the first half of the year is good, but there are unexpected events. Since October, the sales market is not optimistic. Due to the rising price of raw materials, the product cost has increased significantly, but the price of ball stone has not been long. This phenomenon has caused a huge impact on the global market and the sales pressure of the whole ceramic ball industry is great, how to solve the problem of supply and demand, how to locate a reasonable price with the sellers, and how to ensure the viability of the enterprise are a test and a challenge for us, and it is also an urgent task. If it is not done well, the sales channels will not be smooth, and the sales market will be reshuffled and even eliminated by the market. Faced with such a serious situation, Li and I attended the China Ceramic Industry Market Seminar during New Year's Day, we have reached a consensus on industry competition with many manufacturers and manufacturers. Subsequently, we changed from passive to active. We went to Guangzhou, Guiyang, Qingdao, Zibo, Shijiazhuang and other places to visit major merchants one by one. After many rounds of fierce consultations, we finally reached an agreement on cooperation. Intention and gratifying results have been achieved. Under the cruel market competition and environmental protection pressure, we faced many difficulties and stabilized our old customers, major customers and cooperative relationships, at the same time, it has accumulated a lot of new customer resource information. It can be said that the future sales market prospect is a good situation. Sales also reached the 15-year sales target.

3. wise leadership and hard work team

Last year, I said that because Mr. Li made a wise decision and insisted on the second kiln production line, we ensured the continuity of our production and product quality. Quality is the foundation of the survival of the enterprise, and the environment is the key factor for the development of the enterprise. Safety is the basic guarantee for the operation of the enterprise, and the formal "three ones" concept of Mr. Li supports the continuous development of our enterprise to a better, higher and stronger level. Starting from long-term interests, Mr. Li has a long-term vision, focuses on the future, has high standards and strict requirements, takes the lead in setting an example, often goes deep into the production line and sales line, understands the situation, guides the work, works tirelessly and painstakingly. Under his leadership, all the staff are positive and practical. It can be said that we are an excellent team that can fight hard and win battles. In the 16 years of work, a group of outstanding model employees have emerged. Just now, they were commended one by one and made a statement to the advanced representatives. Their speeches are sincere and practical, and they also express the aspirations of the employees. It is precisely because the company has wise leadership, a hard-working team, one heart and one mind, concerted efforts and joint efforts that it has achieved good results. Therefore, the company attaches great importance to the welfare of employees, continuously improves the quality of life of employees, and improves canteen standards and dining environment. In August, it paid pension insurance for some employees, and in October, it carried out salary reform. The salary of employees is more scientific and reasonable. In the current economic downturn, it ensures that wages are paid in a timely manner every month, which is also unmatched in the same industry.

The above are the achievements of 16 years. Of course, while we affirm the achievements, there are still deficiencies and problems in our work. There are three problems that need to be solved urgently:

1. The management system and system should be further optimized and the implementation should be strictly implemented.

2. Form the core strength of technology.

3. Further expand the sales market.

These three issues will also be emphasized in my 17-year work thinking.

The second aspect: 2017 work ideas

In the past 16 years, we have developed healthily, received full fire, and looked forward to the future. We are full of expectations and full of energy. According to Li Zong's guiding idea of "paying close attention to production and expanding the market; Building a brand and building an image", we will focus on three aspects of work this year.

1. pay close attention to production management, from the management to benefit.

17 years is the fourth year of the establishment of Shandong Zhongxin, and it is also a year of connecting the past and the future. A successful and excellent enterprise depends on a scientific and reasonable management system and a rich corporate culture. At present, our enterprise is in a critical stage of development and management. If we want the banner of Zhongxin to never fall, the comrades present here want to have a platform that can play a long-term role, and the key point is to pay close attention to production and improve various management systems. A good system can suppress and restrain bad thoughts; while a backward and unscientific management system will make good wishes run into walls everywhere. Only by establishing a system that links responsibilities, interests and results together is the fundamental system for enterprise development and the system needed by enterprises and employees. However, the implementation of each system is difficult and there are gaps. This requires everyone who is doing it, especially the middle-level and above managers, to first understand, understand, and implement it. Have a sense of urgency and pressure. To be clear about their own positions and responsibilities, to understand the needs and demands of employees, to be indifferent to the people and things they manage, to treat them equally, to set an example, to be strict with self-interest, to set an example for your subordinates, to show loyalty to your leaders, to truly do what you don't want to do to others, do what you don't want to do, don't ask your employees to do what you can do, what you can do, be positive to do, take the witness. Middle-level managers are the mainstay of our company, the core strength of the company, and the breakthrough and key to our production management. In the future, we must form a sense of striving for advanced, and each of our positions is not fixed. Our company must be good at discovering talents, achieving talents, benefiting talents, constantly cultivating compound talents, contributing to the company, realizing its own value, and creating social impact, it is gold that always shines and its ability is always recognized. Therefore, in terms of enterprise personnel management this year, we will make a quick decision and cut the Gordian knot. If not, we will retire. Personnel in management positions should be highly vigilant. One or two years of incompetence is for the enterprise to train and train you. If you are incompetent for three years, it means that there is something wrong with the enterprise. It is improper employment and development. After the personnel are adjusted, the relationship between the upper and lower levels is smooth, and all things are easy to say, our benefits will be obtained, and the employees will benefit. As the saying goes, there is nothing that cannot be done, only those who cannot do it, so I give it to all the management personnel present here. I hope you will be "loyal, clean and responsible". At the same time, I also hope that the majority of cadres and employees on the production line will unite, work together, and contribute to create the first quality of the national ceramic ball industry.

2. production and sales target

17 years our production hardware construction has reached the standard, to ensure the operation of two production lines. Mr. Li did not hesitate to invest to build this platform for us. How can we use this platform to display our talents and stimulate our maximum potential, how to drive the people around us and transmit positive energy? This will be an important manifestation of 17 years of software construction. Only when the hardware and software construction are matched, and there is a reasonable and strict management system, can we successfully complete our annual goals. No matter how we behave, we should set up big, medium and small goals. We have clear goals so that we will not lose our way. In 17 years, our production target will ensure that the two production lines will operate at full capacity, with an output of 45000 tons, an output value of 0.25 billion yuan, and a sales value of 0.2 billion yuan. The overall performance data will double that of 16 years. While we double our output, employee benefits will also increase significantly, striving to achieve full coverage of employee pension insurance in 17 years, and wages will be adjusted in proportion. We must have firm confidence in the realization of our goals, making the impossible possible and the possibility infinite.

3. to build corporate brand, establish a benchmark corporate image

Now that we have reliable product quality, a good sales market, and a foundation for building a brand enterprise, in the future, we will focus on improving the popularity of the enterprise. It turns out that when we mention time-honored brands, we know that they are trustworthy brands. We should also gradually form a social influence. When we mention Shandong Zhongxin, people will know what kind of enterprise we are, what our strength is, and what our reputation is, just like Gree and Huawei, they create corporate social influence. Focusing on the goal of "three health" of Mr. Li, in order to build a brand enterprise and establish a benchmark image, we should focus on seven aspects of work.

1. It is to strictly control product quality. Quality is the foundation of enterprise survival and the soul of enterprise development. This year, we will establish a strict product quality inspection system and operation system, and apply for the national Q quality system certification.

2. It is to strengthen the core construction of technology and increase investment in scientific research, including the construction of R & D centers, scientific research bases and technical personnel. Our technical director, Comrade Zhou Gang, is also a technical authority and technical expert in our industry. He has returned to our Zhongxin organization and continues to contribute his strength. We will also train and drive a group of young and outstanding professionals. Enterprise development depends on technology, technology depends on talents, and talents depend on management. We will contact relevant scientific research institutions, develop new products, apply for national patent technology, enhance the scientific and technological content of products, and continuously improve market competitiveness.

3. Continue to expand the market and do a good job in sales and service.

Product quality is the foundation of enterprise survival, and market demand is the source of enterprise development. Without market, there will be no production. After three years of careful management, we have stable suppliers, but this is only to maintain the balance of supply and demand. From last year's sales situation, we can see that our production and sales are basically balanced and reasonable. From the market demand situation we have mastered, the market demand and development potential of cement balls are huge, this is also the consensus of the same industry and an important direction of future competition. How to control market demand, how to stabilize major merchants, especially how to open the market for terminal customers, is our main sales direction in the future, and it is also the inevitable trend of corporate survival. It is a key topic that benefits all employees. Further investigate the market demand orientation, adhere to the concept of "maintaining the bottom line, flexibility, and customer first", adapt to the needs of end customers, improve service levels, focus on market demand, increase product promotion, formulate corresponding sales plans, and follow the "stable expansion Small, peer first" requirements to achieve 0.2 billion sales. Improve the sales service system, establish a sales ledger management system, and have the best service plan before, during and after sales, especially after sales, track and investigate the use of products, and feedback the utilization rate of products and customer satisfaction rate.

4. It is to further enhance environmental awareness, strengthen the control of pollution sources such as flying dust and noise, minimize environmental pollution, pay attention to investment in environmental protection facilities, improve the greening and beautification of the factory area, and improve the living, living and working environment of employees.

5. It is to improve the welfare of employees, set up a special reward system for employees with great contributions, old qualifications and strong abilities, play an exemplary and leading role, stimulate the potential of employees, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of work, optimize the supply conditions of canteens, let comrades eat at ease and delicious meals, gradually improve the living conditions of staff dormitories, and let comrades have a sense of belonging at home.

6. It is to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, increase external publicity, formulate corporate publicity manuals, carry out various forms of literary and artistic activities, build a platform for employee exchange, and transmit positive energy. Every employee must become a propagandist of Shandong Zhongxin to publicize Zhongxin's good development status and build an excellent team with faith, vitality, deeds and gratitude.

7. Actively participate in public welfare undertakings, subsidize outstanding poor students, care for mentally retarded children and lonely elderly people, and give back to society.

Through the above measures, we should make the enterprise bigger and stronger, build a modern high-tech brand enterprise with standardized management, beautiful environment, first-class service, high reputation and good quality, so as to achieve win-win economic and social benefits.

In short, we have made great achievements in 16 years and have heavy tasks in 17 years. I hope that comrades will take the spirit of this conference as the guidance, set sail and embark on the journey again, step out of the festive atmosphere, devote themselves to our work, concentrate on our efforts, and rebuild our glory!

Finally, I wish everyone good health, smooth work and all the best in the new year! Thank you all!

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