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        Alumina ball manufacturers - activated alumina ceramic ball

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        Alumina ball manufacturers - activated alumina ceramic ball is a white ball, there are a lot of pore channels, these channels has high surface activity, can be adsorbed gas, vapor, liquid water. The dew point drying depth of up to 70 ℃ under certain conditions, saturated at 175 ℃ - 400 ℃ heating water removal and resurrection, for many times, also can absorb the oil and other oil steam from the contaminated oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur dioxide, can also be used as catalyst or carrier. Widely used in petrochemical, oil refining, ethylene, propylene, electronics, air drying device, a lot of hydrogen peroxide plant, the chemical fertilizer plant, oxygen plant and oil refinery units are in use, and achieved good results. Activated alumina ball according to the adsorption material polarity to determine, has a strong affinity for water, oxide, acetic acid, alkali, it can be used as a micro water desiccant, can also be used as the adsorption of polar molecules. Http://
        Shandong Zhongxin new Mstar Technology Ltd specializing in the production of alumina, alumina, alumina filler, alumina ceramic such as alumina abrasive products. 

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