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        Ball product use and technical index of alumina which

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        In the petroleum chemical industry, fertilizer industry, widely used as a catalyst carrier, catalyst. The active alumina having the adsorption characteristics, and therefore used as a desiccant, gas and liquid purification adsorbent, drinking water defluorinating agent, industrial wastewater color and odor elimination agent etc.. (alumina ball aluminum oxide powder:
        With household defluoridation in supporting the use of the cylinder, is drinking water defluoridation device family ideal. The defluoridation filter can also be used with water plant fluorine removal device or industrial use in addition to using fluoride device. Household defluoridation device fluoride filter material activation: configuration of aluminum sulfate solution (3 liters of water, 0.3KG, solid aluminum sulfate), the alumina defluoridation filter in the solution, soak 5-10 hours when immersion (immersion to appropriate mixing), then with water washing 3-5 times, each time 2 liters of water, or use PH method of regeneration, the pH control in 7.5. Activated alumina defluoridation filter can be used for 6-8 years in a row, when the surface appear when Tan, fluoride effect reduced significantly, this is caused by the impurity in the water pollution, so it is best to every year with 3% hydrochloric acid treatment time, the operation method and regeneration method of the same.
        Technical indicators
        Parameter name [2] hydrogen peroxide / special alumina characters of activated alumina desiccant properties of activated alumina defluoridation
        Crystal phase γ -Al2O3 x- ρ Al2
        Specification (mm) 7-14 Phi 3-5, Phi 4-6, Phi 5-7, Phi 3-5, Phi 4-6, Phi 5-7, Phi 8-10, Phi 1.5-2, Phi 4-3, Phi 4-6, Phi 5-7
        The appearance of white ball of white ball of white ball
        Stack density (g/cm3) 0.68-0.75 0.68-0.89 ≥ 0.75
        Intensity (N/ particle) >50 >130 50-80
        Surface (m2/g) 200-260 280-360 280-360
        The pore volume (cm3/g) 0.40-0.46 0.38-0.40 0.40
        Big hole (>750A) 0.14
        The water absorption (%) >50
        Static adsorption capacity (RH%) 18
        Fluoride (mgF/g Al2O3) ≥ 1.2

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