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        The advantages and disadvantages of alumina ball - activated alumina ceramic ball when using

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        The advantages and disadvantages of alumina ball - activated alumina ceramic ball when using, alumina balls truly win-win producers and users, welcome customers to negotiate, alumina, alumina, alumina ball ball wear plate, alumina packing ball, wear-resistant ceramic piece of professional suppliers together with you to create a beautiful tomorrow!
        Activated alumina ball fluoride is similar to the anion exchange resin, but the selectivity for fluoride than the anion resin, activated alumina adsorption defluorination effect, volume stability, per cubic meter of activated alumina defluoridation 6400 grams, this product has high strength, low wear, flooding in the same soft, not expansion, not powder, no rupture. Can be widely used in oil gas, ethylene propylene gas deep drying and hydrogen, air separation device, instrument air dryer drying, dioxygen fluoride in water treatment, but also can remove the sulfur in the exhaust gas of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrocarbons and other pollutants, especially to fluoridated water fluoride removal treatment. New materials of alumina liquid, the liquid of nano alumina, not sink to the bottom, no delamination. Nanometer alumina transparent liquid xz-ly101 body color is colorless and transparent color solid content 20%-25%. The dispersion of nano alumina transparent is the use of the 5-10 nano alumina, the 5-10 nano alumina alumina nano alumina after the original particle size slightly larger through layers of deep processing out of the screening, has obvious nanometer blue phase, added to a variety of acrylic resin, polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, melamine resin, water-based liquid silicone acrylic emulsion resin, added 5% to 10%, can significantly improve the hardness of resin, the hardness is up to 6-8h or even higher. Completely transparent, the nano alumina liquid can be any solvent water or oily, due to its relatively small particle diameter, solid whatever the solvent is transparent, and can do all kinds of glass coating materials, precious stones, precision instruments and materials etc..

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