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        Physical properties and applications of alumina balls

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        For the characterization of physical properties of alumina indicators are: angle of repose, α -Al203 content, bulk density, particle size and specific surface area and wear coefficient
        1, angle of repose. Alumina repose angle refers to the angle of material accumulation in nature on the surface. Alumina repose angle more easily dissolved in the electrolyte, can very good cover in electrolyte crusting in the electrolysis process, flying loss is low. (alumina ball aluminum oxide powder:
        2, the content of a-Al2O3. A-Al2O3 content in alumina reflects alumina roasting degree, the higher degree of roasting, the content of a-Al2O3 increasing, the hygroscopicity of alumina with a-Al2O3 content increasing surface variation. Therefore, the requirements for electrolysis alumina containing a certain amount of a-Al2O3. But the solubility of a-Al2O3 in the electrolyte is γ -Al203 difference
        3, bulk density. Alumina density refers to the natural state of unit volume of material weight. Usually small bulk density of alumina to dissolve in the electrolyte.
        4, particle size. The alumina particle size refers to the thickness of the. The alumina particle size must be appropriate, too thick in the electrolyte dissolved speed is slow, and even precipitation; rules easy flying loss.
        5, specific surface area. Alumina surface area means that the material unit weight of the surface area and pore surface area and the total surface area. Is an important index of physical activity level. The large surface area of alumina dissolved in the electrolyte of good performance, high activity, but the easy absorption.
        6, the wear coefficient. The wear coefficient is alumina in the fluidized bed control under the condition of a certain hit percentage change after grinding, particle content in the sample. Wear coefficient is a physical parameters to characterize the strength of alumina.

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